Voice and accent Coaching in Chandigarh

Most of the times, even the best of English Language have to suffer humiliation because of their Voice, intonation and accent. The way you speak English reflects your command over language and expertise of the subject & adds charm to your personality be it in professional, corporate, academic or any other field.

The perfect voice and the correct accent go a long way in creating a good impression on someone. Even though you may know vocabulary and endless grammar rules, you may still find it difficult to pronounce English words correctly.

Voice and accent training modules at RISE Global Academy will enable you to master the art of speaking right. Rise voice and accent training program is an easy and enjoyable way to learn and master the most challenging characteristics such as troublesome vowel sounds, divergence in stressed and un-stressed syllables and words. Training is provided by qualified and trained teachers and lecturers, who have vast experience in this field.

Training programs at RISE develop you to shave off certain excess from your present accent and help you develop a neutral accent. Voice & Accent Online Coaching


 Accent Introduction
 Accent Neutralization
 Vowel Sounds
 Consonant Sounds
 Difference between UK & US Accent
 Neutral Accent
 MTI Removal
 Improving Pronunciation