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Recent changes in the Canadian immigration laws and the introduction of the ‘Express Entry Program’ has opened up a wonderful opportunity for all those who want to enjoy the excellent quality of life Canada has to offer for them and their families.

Critical to the process of immigration is having the advisory services of professionals who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Canadian immigration Programs, and taking you through it step by step ensuring timely and error-free submission and securing you Permanent Residence in Canada in the shortest possible time. The team of professionals at RISE Global have experience working in Canada and are fully proficient with every detail to make the whole process stress free and smooth for their clients.


 A thorough assessment of the client’s particulars before beginning the immigration process

Before starting the PR application process in the Express Entry Program, we at RISE Global perform a thorough assessment of the applicant’s credentials to help them understand their precise status and chalk out the strategy to improve their score in the Comparative Ranking System.

 Assisting the clients through the language proficiency requirements

With years of experience in English language training, we at RISE impart the highest quality IELTS training to maximise the client’s score in the application process.

 Guiding the clients with the Educational Credentials Assessment process

An important part of the PR application process is timely evaluation of the applicant’s educational credentials through an approved agency. We guide the client to make sure this is taken care of well in time.

 Helping the client register with Citizenship and Immigration Canada

After a thorough evaluation of the client’s credential we help the client with registering with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

 Creating the ‘Express Entry Profile’

After registering with CIC we guide the clients through the Express Entry Profile creation. This is an important step in the overall immigration process as any error would result in rejection of the application as well as a five year ban.

 Registering the client with the Canadian Job Bank

All applicants who are accepted into the Express Entry Pool are required to register themselves with Job Bank Canada. We get the clients registered with Canada Job Bank.

 Creating a professional resume for the clients as per the Canadian requirements for maximum impact

Candidates who are registered with Job Bank Canada can send their resumes to different employers and recruitment agencies. It is critical that the resume they send is of the highest standard as per Canadian companies for maximum impact. We at RISE Global with our experience in Canada will create a resume to high light the client’s credentials and experience to be noticeable amongst other applicants.

 Applying for suitable positions in Canada through the various channels of the Canada Job Bank and recruiters

After registering the clients with Job Bank Canada we will routinely scan the job market for openings suitable to our clients and send out their resumes to the employers and recruiters.

 Guiding in maximizing the client’s points and improving their position in the Express Entry Pool by making them score higher in the Comprehensive Ranking System and get an invitation to apply from CIC at the earliest

After being accepted in the Express Entry Pool the candidates with a higher point score are invited to apply for Permanent Residence. We guide the clients with improving their point score through better English language scores or improving other parameters.

 Once the ‘Invitation To Apply’ (ITA) for PR has been received by the client, assisting them with the complex application process

Once the client scores the points needed to qualify for the PR Invitation To Apply (ITA), we begin the most serious part of the application process and make sure there is no error or delay to jeopardize the client’s immigration prospects.

 Pre-immigration counselling to prepare the clients for the day to day practical life in Canada

Moving to a new country can be an intimidating prospect for most people if they do not have any family or friends to help them through the initial phase of settling. We at RISE Global understand this and conduct a counselling session for the clients and their families to give them a good idea of the immediate steps they have to take in Canada and have a thorough understanding of the practical aspects like housing, food, clothing etc.

Express Entry Program highlights

As of 1st January 2015 the Canadian government has introduced the Express Entry Program for foreign nationals to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada. The new system aims to make it much quicker for skilled foreign workers to gain Permanent Residence visas than before. The successful applicant will have his/her application processed in six months under Express Entry program under the various federal economic immigration programs:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades program and
  • The Canadian experience class

The Express Entry system has two steps:

 Step 1: POETntial candidates complete an online Express Entry profile.

Qualified candidates are placed in a pool.

After applying for the Express entry the candidates will include the qualifying language test score results and Educational Credential Report. The prospective candidates will complete an online express entry profile where they are asked to provide their

  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Language ability
  • Education and
  • Other details needed by the CIC for assessment.
 Step 2: The highest-ranking candidates in the pool will be invited to apply for Permanent Residence through an Invitation To Apply (ITA) under one of the above mentioned federal programs.

Candidates will be graded against others in the pool using a point’s based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System. Points will be awarded on the basis of the information provided in their profiles.

Once invited to apply, the applicants will have 60 days to submit an application for the permanent residence.

Candidates will stay in the pool for 12 months. For more information you can give us a call to talk to one of our Immigration consultants or come to our office for a free assessment. Canada Immigration Consultants



Canada is one the most liberal, safe, prosperous, developed, egalitarian and culturally rich nations in the world. Developed in every sense, it is one nation that has grown tremendously. Owing to its welcoming nature and the ever growing opportunities, the country has managed to gain popularity to such a level that people from all across the world choose Canada as their first preference for settlement purposes.

Canada allows the easy entry and exit of non residents for both employment and settlement, also the ease of travelling to the United States after residing in Canada has been further increasing immigration at a rapid rate. Standing 4th in ranking for Human Development Index, it is said to be the 8th safest country in the world with world class amenities. It is the ninth richest country in the world and is best suited for investment and setting up new businesses. Obtaining Canada Permanent Residence Visa is one of the most proud moments of achievement for Indians as they can realize their dream of securing one of the best living standards. Immigration Consultants

Apart from Quality of life, following are some natural advantages that are attached to permanent residency in Canada.
  • Free and Subsidized Education.
  • Access to Free Medical Facilities.
  • Access to Social Security Benefits.
  • Spouse is entitled to full time working rights.
  • Better economic prospects.
  • Children born in the country are citizens by birth.
  • Right of setting up a business.
  • Right to buy/ sell/ own property.
  • Right to apply for Citizenship.
  • Right to sponsor people.
  • No restriction on movement in and out of the country.