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Knowledge of German language can create ample opportunities for freshers as well as working professionals. German language institute in Chandigarh are very less in number and growing rapidly with the increasing demand of German speakers. Chandigarh is city designed by European architect so people of the city are highly influenced by European culture . When we talk about best German classes in Chandigarh only one name has emerged with best faculty and that is Rise Global Academy for brilliant German classes. Rise Global academy is a German Haus where students are assisted Goethe exam in Chandigarh.

Like French, German language is also comprises of 6 levels of language proficiency . All six levels are taught at Rise global Academy Chandigarh by the professional trainers with flexibility of time and affordable fee structure for different levels.

Pronunciation is one of the challenging aspects in learning any language and same is the case with German /duchelanguage. German language classes in Chandigarh are best at Rise Global Academy because faculty provides utmost attention for correct pronunciation of German words with practical examples.

German A1 level and A2 level are the basic levels of this language which will apprise you about the various alphabets and numeric along with rules of grammar. For German classes in Chandigarh, Rise global academy is the only academy in Sector 32 D Chandigarh.

German course in Chandigarh at Rise Global Academy is a customized course so that students can clear their Goethe exam with ease and effortlessly.

Students are also assisted for German study visa in Chandigarh at Rise Global Academy because various universities and colleges are offering free education for meritorious Indian students in different fields. Most of the engineering students are moving to Germany as this county is the mother of automobile industry as well as famous for Electronics items.

Post work visa is an add-on benefit for the people who are interested to work at Germany. For Study visa in Germany you can get consultancy in Chandigarh at Rise Global Academy. Even you can get guidance for spouse visa in Germany from our centre.

German is the Fifth largest European country and it stretches about 875 Kilometers from North to South and 600 kilometers from West to East. In all it has a surface area of 357000 sq. kilometer and about 80 million inhabitants. Rise Global academy Chandigarh provides all type of consultancy and academic assistance in relation to German language classes as well as study visa.

German is a very interesting language and spoken largely in Europe and all over the world. Like good morning in English is spoken as Gutenmorgen. Rise Global academy Chandigarh is a German Haus and faculty is highly qualified and capable to fulfill the requirement of all levels of Deutsch language.

German A1 and A2 level is for basic learners and B1 and B2 level is for intermediate learners and C1, C2 level is for advance learners. Best classes for German in Chandigarh are adjudged excellent by its results and students reviews. Highly qualified German trainers impart knowledge of German language with practical examples and through interactive methods and modern techniques. Deutsch language is also optional in most of the renowned private schools in Chandigarh.

Rise global academy also assists for German exams as Centre of Goethe is in Chandigarh and student can appear for different level exams at Chandigarh Centre also. German A1 level exam fee at Goethe institute Deutsch can be paid online. Nominativ der, die das die and Akkusativ den die das die, Dativdem , dem, dem and Genitiv des der des der are few common words in German language.

Dear Future Engineers:We prepare students for A1 (2 months) and A2 (2 months) examinations conducted by the Goethe Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan).

  • Classes conducted at convenient timings for students pursuing full-time courses.
  • Qualified, experienced and cooperative faculty.
  • Best infrastructure for practising listening comprehension exercises and audio-visual tools for an enhanced learning experience.

Fee Structure

Course Duration Batch( 5Day week) Fee Total hours
German A1 45-60 days Monday to Friday 15000 60
German A2 45-60 days Monday to Friday 17000 60
German B1 60 days Monday to Friday 24000 90
German B2.1 45 days Monday to Friday 20000 90
German B2.2 45 days Monday to Friday 20000 90
German C1.1 60 days Monday to Friday 25000 90
German C1.2 60 days Monday to Friday 25000 90
  • Weekend batches are also available for working professionals .
  • Online batches are available round the clock and timings are flexible.


EU level Our Courses Content Duration International Exam options
A1 A1 You learn how to make simple enquiries in speaking and writing, and to give instructions. You build on your basic grammar skills and increase your vocabulary. 2 Months ÖSD Zertifikat A2/Goethe Zertificate A2/Telc
A2 A2 You learn how to express yourself adequately in familiar, everyday situations and to read and understand simple texts. 2 Months ÖSD Zertifikat A2/Goethe Zertificate A2/Telc
B1 B1 You consolidate and revise basic grammar structures, and learn to lead discussions on interesting topics. 2.5 Months ÖSD Zertifiakt B1, ÖSD Zertifikat B1 Deutsch / Jugendliche/ Goethe , Zertificate B1/Telc
B2 B2.1

You have a command of the essentials of German. You practice reading, writing and discussing difficult topics and work-related issues. 1.5 Month

1.5 Month
ÖSD Zertifikat B2/ Goethe Zertificate B2/Telc ÖSD Zertifikat B2/ Goethe Zertificate B2/Telc
C1 C1 You learn to express yourself clearly both in speaking and writing on a large number of topics and to understand almost all texts. 2 Months ÖSD Zertifikat C1/ Goethe Zertificate C1/Telc
C2 C2 Individual; You can express yourself fluently in German. You work on literary, socio-political, cultural and scientific topics. 2 Months ÖSD Zertifikat C2 / Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch/ Goethe Zertificate C2/Telc

»Germany is a popular destination for quality and economical Higher Education, esp. among Indians. »Learning German language gives students an edge over the competition in the Indian and German job market.

  • Engineering services
  • Translation and interpretation

German Language Coaching in Chandigarh

» Demand for German and French language teachers at schools is rising. » Germany, France and Canada are popular destinations for quality and economical Higher Education. » Learning German and French gives students an edge over the competition in the Indian job market.

  • We prepare students for international examinations for German and French language recognized by German, French and Canadian governments, respectively.
  • Flexible timings for students pursuing full-time courses.
  • Qualified, experienced and cooperative faculty.

German language for Pharmacy students

  • We prepare students for German language proficiency exams that are recognized by the German government.
  • Early morning and evening classes for the convenience of students pursuing full-time courses.
  • Qualified, experienced and cooperative faculty.

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As per "Pharmacy 2030" - Perspectives on provision of pharmacy services in Germany

German healthcare system: Major challenges

  • Aging population and increasing need for medical care
  • Greater need for community pharmacies to play a key role in the healthcare system of the future.
Germany needs healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, desperately!!
Germany is the most popular destination for SUBSIDIZED & QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION.

French Classes in Chandigarh

Dear nursing students/working nurses,

  • We prepare students for German language proficiency exams that are recognized by the German government.
  • Convenient timings for working nurses/students pursuing full-time courses.
  • Qualified, experienced and cooperative faculty.

Germany needs Certified Nurses!

  • A shortfall of 84,000 nurses expected in Germany till 2020, according to the Rheinisch Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung.
  • Till 2030 the gap will be over 200,000 nurses.

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Au Pair (female/male) opportunities in Germany and Austria

You are under 26 years of age and love being with children! If you are interested in applying for Au Pair jobs in Germany and Austria, then you need to have basic knowledge of German language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the scope of German Language?

Germany is the most powerful economy in Europe. The work opportunities for German are growing rapidly. There are various options to choose from if you are well versed with the language of German. In Indian market one can work as proofreader, translator, Interpreter, tour guide and much more with MNC’s and KPO’s.

The fields like business, tourism and hospitality, research, communication etc. have a lot of demand for well-versed language experts. If you have the right amount of skills in you, then you are definite to earn and gain the best.

Career scope in India-
Professional German Translators, Interpreters, proofreaders, and content writers, and trainers are always in demand. They are having great job opportunities in overseas organizations and industry investing in India. Coaching industry is booming all over the world where one can explore ample of opportunities as individual coach or become a professional teacher in College, university or school.

One can also look forward to jobs in the German embassy , Banks and other corporate houses located all over India. The scope of the German language is on mounting.

Many MNCs such as Amazon, Accenture, BMW, Siemens, Volkswagen, HP, Audi, Oracle, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Thomson, Axa, GE, etc., are employing German language experts for outsourcing and offshore work.

2. Where we can get certification for this course ?

We prepare students for Goethe exam, OSD exam, Talc exam, students get automatic international certified certificate when he or she appears and pass exam, so no institute is certified but it matters for which exam you are appearing. Above written three exams are internationally certified.

3. What are the courses available in German Language at your Institute?

: Our Institute follows the CEFR Standard of training students in the German language. We prepare our students to read, write, speak, listen and learn the grammar of the language across the various levels – A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. The courses are designed not only to prepare them for exam but also to become a professional who can teach others. So exam preparation is just part of this rigorous training of language learning.

The levels followed at the Institute are:
      1. A1 (Beginner)
      2. A2 (Elementary, to be taken after A1)
      3. B1.1 & B1.2 (Intermediate, to be taken after A2)
      4. B2.1 & B2.2 (Intermediate, to be taken after B1)
      5. C1.1 & C1.2 (Advanced, to be taken after B2)

4. Do we provide placements or placement guarantee after the course?

Yes, we provide placement assistance as we are not the recruiter so we cannot guarantee but we have the tie ups with companies and recruiting agencies asking for qualified candidates. We notify our students of any requirements in companies and give them the appropriate details so that they can apply for the position. Mostly jobs are available on the basis of clearance of B2 level at least.

5. What course do German universities offer?

Under the Bologna reform, all universities in Germany offer internationally recognized degrees-

  • Bachelor in Engineering, BA, Hotel Management or BSc , Nursing will usually take six semesters three years to complete, and these are the most common undergraduate degrees.
  • For postgraduate studies, MBA, ( 18 Month/24 Months) an MA or MSc. (Master of Arts / Master of Science) will take two-four semesters (one-two years) and
  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) will last for 3 years.

6. Why is our German Language Institute unique? Why should I join German language institute only?

  • Experience- Since 2015 more than 2000 students have studied German Language in Chandigarh from Rise German Institute, moreover average teaching experience of our trainers is more than 8 years.
  • Unique Methods- Customized for Indians. Continuously updating teaching methods to make learning easy and fast. It’s best suitable for those who are working and have very less time to study.
  • Practice- We prepare our students to be appear in final examination by giving them number of sample papers and mock tests, hence before appearing for final exams they possess ample of confidence.
  • Remove hesitation– We focus on speaking practice of our students therefore provide them free environment to interact in German language with each other and with all our faculties. We encourage them to come forward and start conversation on their own.
  • Self designed Study material- Our master trainers have designed the study material in such a way that students can prepare more than enough for Goethe exam and even learn effortlessly more than that. So cracking Goethe exam becomes easy through our rigorous study material.

7. Can I have a trial or demo class?

Yes of course. We all want to put our hard earned money at the right place, so the first class for everyone is always Free Demo Session. We also recommend that after demo session you should also talk to our other students who are studying German currently and take their review about how do we teach, how are the trainers and etc. This will help you to take the right decision.

8. Does Rise Institute follows the Goethe’s (Maxmuller’s) syllabus?

Yes. We prepare every candidate for Goethe’s exam. So we cover the syllabus more than that.

9. What are the timings of the batches?

Batch timings are- Fixed for offline but you can change the batch/ shift to any batch with the same topic anytime.
Weekdays- (1.5 Hour)
Weekends- (2 Hours)
Flexible timings available for online classes. Although batch time would be in between 6:30am to 9:30pm.

10. What is the fee structure?

The fee is highly reasonable which includes the study material, examination preparation and practice papers, 10 mock examinations as well. We don’t charge anything extra for examination preparation and mock examination. Exclusion is Examination fee which student has to pay directly German level wise to Max Mueller New Delhi Centre from his own account.

11. Why German?

Good reasons for learning German:
German is spoken by more than 120 million people in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland and in parts of Belgium, Northern Italy and Eastern France.
German is a key language in the European Union and the new economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Learning German improves your chances of success in today’s job market.
German is a very important cultural language. It was spoken and written by Goethe, Mozart, Beethoven, Freud, Klimt and Einstein, as well as numerous other great artists and scientists. Today, 10% of all books published worldwide are in the German language.

12. What level of German is required to work in Germany?

For example, if you want to apply for a work visa for job, proof of German language skills is necessary. For a visa for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications, at least a level of B2 is usually demanded by most of the MNC’s.

13. What level of German is required to study in Germany?

The German law clearly defines which German language certificates a student may hand in. However, the universities and each program can make independent decisions when it comes to setting the requirements for the German language level. That is why it is important that you check with the program of your choice to learn precisely which proficiency level they expect from you. So its vary from A1 level to C1 level . But normally for graduate course you need A2 level and for Post graduate course you need B2 level however in some cases they ask for C1 level.
As a rule of thumb, German universities require you to present a proof of upper intermediate to advanced German language skills (level B2/C1) to study in German.