Interview Preparation in Chandigarh

I had a job interview at a company once and the lady said "Where do you see yourself in five years?' and I said 'Celebrating the fifth year anniversary of you asking me this question"

Developing and selling your USPs are the key to your dream job interview success. This module at RISE is designed to assist job seekers and freshers in their search for employment. It teaches much needed skills that can help the participant find and keep a good job. You will learn many skills that employers find valuable. You can use this information to find and keep that great job.

We build your power profile, and help you frame appropriate answers to most interview questions. A thorough preparation and practice of responses to each question is conducted through a series of mock interviews. Online Interview Preparation How to Prepare for a Job Interview?


 Interview Techniques
 Positive Body Language & Postures
 Professional Profile Building

 Improves spoken English and vocabulary
 Preparedness and self confidence to face the interview
 Develop the right body language and the positive gestures required
 Create a positive and lasting impression
 Also practiced at RISE are relaxation and calming techniques
 Interview Coaching
 Resume Review